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London based recruitment agency requires people to work in hospitality industry (Hotels, Gentlemen's clubs, Events, Boats cruises and etc.) Positions available: waiters/waitresses
Flexible working hours. Full / Part time. Must have rights to work in the UK and basic knowledge of English. Experience is preferable but not essential as training will be provided.
All properties are at the high end and expect the best customer service in London. If you feel you would like to join a growing team with a growing reputation then get in touch. Ring our office for more details or come to see us with your CV at the address: M&H Hospitality Solutions, 177a Cricklewood Broadway, Cricklewood, London, NW2 3HT.
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Телефон: 02088309860
Местность: London, UK
ID объявления: #21905
Объявление размещено: 2014-03-26
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