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Добавить в избранные объявленияI am offering a employment opportunity for a nice and a honest girl

I am offering a employment opportunity for a nice and a honest girl in the United Kingdom.
The ideal employee will be a slim and atractive flatmate (18-28 years old) who will be working in a private house in Suffulk-England.
This is not agency! You will be your own boss.
You will make the decision about your working conditions, how long and which day you will work.The ideal employee must also be co-operative.
If you have any commitments you country, it is possibile to stay for a few days or however suits you in any month.
Everything is negotiable.
This is not a brothal, It is 100 % discreet and full discretion is offered, high and real wages. The meetings are only with British man.
It is possible to work under the basis that you only rent a room. If you need help with departure from your country, I can offer help.
If you have any questions about this advertisement then please inform me by contacting me at my e-mail address or telephone number below.

e-mail caroline20x@wp.pl
Имя: carolina
Телефон: +447847152977
Местность: colchester, ipswich, UK
ID объявления: #22172
Объявление размещено: 2014-06-30
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